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I Wish We Would Have Called Sooner

The number one thing we hear from our patients and families is “I wish we would have called Cedar Valley Hospice sooner.” Since 1979, the compassionate experts at Cedar Valley Hospice have been caring for those with an advanced illness and their families. The majority of time their goals are to manage the pain and have fewer visits to the hospital - which Cedar Valley Hospice can help with. This means more time can be spent with loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime.

“I’m not ready for hospice…”

People often say, “I’m not ready for hospice,”  Remember, hospice is not only for your final days or weeks – we can provide care for those with a life-limiting illness  and a life expectancy estimated at 6 months or less. This allows access to so many services that would not have been possible elsewhere. Plus, loved ones can just be “loved ones” and worry less about their caregiver responsibilities.

Time we share with our loved ones is never enough. It is so important to become educated today so when the time comes to make critical decisions, you already know your options. By calling Cedar Valley Hospice, you know you will get your questions answered by the experts. Meanwhile, check out these common myths and learn the truth about how Cedar Valley Hospice can help you care for your loved ones!