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Home for the Holidays

Services are available to help aging parents

The phrase “Home for the Holidays” brings a warm feeling to the hearts of families across America, especially for those who live out of town. It’s a time for togetherness and love, but also can be a time for adult children to notice changes that may be happening to their parents or for seniors themselves to take a closer look at their self-reliance.

Some things to be aware of are: weight changes, frequent confusion, loss of appetite or needing increased assistance with daily activities. Although it may be a difficult conversation for families to have, there are services available that can help.

At Cedar Valley Hospice, our LINK Palliative Care and Hospice programs offer additional care and support from a team of experts.

These programs allow those with a serious illness to:

  • remain in their own surroundings
  • maintain control of their health plan
  • increase their quality of life

It can benefit the entire family to be proactive and see if Cedar Valley Hospice can help. This way, when everyone is back to their busy daily routines after the new year, you’ll know that your family is being taken care of by the experts.

Call 319.272.2002 or 800.626.2360 to see how we can help today!