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Complimentary Therapies

Complimentary Therapy in Hospice Care

As part of the plan of care, Cedar Valley Hospice  offers a variety of supplemental techniques to benefit patient needs.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is provided to reduce pain and anxiety, improve communication, and allow the patient and family to renew past memories. By listening to their choice of music, playing an instrument, or by simply talking about their life's music experience and meaning, music therapy offers an opportunity to bring up and seek closure on important end-of-life issues.

Massage Therapy

Hand and foot massages can also be provided, if part of the plan of care, by hospice aides. Licensed, therapeutic massage therapists are available, as needed, to alleviate symptoms of pain and anxiety and to promote comfort for individuals.

To learn more, contact Cedar Valley Hospice  today, or refer a friend or family member to begin the admission process.