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Physician FAQs and Physician Forms

Cedar Valley Hospice understands you want the best for your patients and may have questions regarding hospice care at Cedar Valley Hospice. The most common questions Cedar Valley Hospice receives from physicians and their answers can be found here.

Physician FAQs About Hospice

Q: How is Cedar Valley Hospice different from other area hospices?
A: Cedar Valley Hospice is an independent, not-for-profit community hospice with the only Hospice Home in the area. We accept patients of all ages and diagnoses, and will never deny care to anyone regardless of their inability to pay. Cedar Valley Hospice also focuses on all aspects of patient-family health – physical, emotional, spiritual and social.

Q: My patient and I have a great bond, will I still be a part of their care team?
A: Yes! A patient’s physician is a crucial part of their care team at Cedar Valley Hospice. You will be asked for your recommendations regarding the course of their end-of-life care at Cedar Valley Hospice.

Q: How can I refer one of my patients to Cedar Valley Hospice?
A: You can refer them easily online, or you can contact the Cedar Valley Hospice office nearest you.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for patients to be admitted to hospice care? Palliative care?
A: Any patient with an advanced-stage illness with a life expectancy of six months or less and no longer seeking a cure may be eligible for hospice services. More detailed information regarding disease specific eligibility can be found on the When to Refer form. Palliative care is available for patients who are diagnosed with an advanced-stage of a life limiting illness who exhibit a physical and/or psychosocial need.

Physician Forms

When to Refer Form