My Dad (Albert Jennings) died in 2006 in the front bedroom of the Waterloo Hospice House. My Mom (Margaret Jennings) died at the Waterloo Hospice house in 2016, in the same room my dad was in ten years before. Mom went to hospice late in the day, September 28th, which was a Wednesday. On Thursday, September 29th, she kept asking when September 30th was going to be. My brother and I were concerned that she had an appointment we didn’t know about, and we just kept saying tomorrow, mom. Finally, my brother said, “Mom is there something going on September 30th that I forgot or don’t know about?” She answered right back to him saying “Yes your dad is coming to get me.” We were both very surprised at that statement, but I will say my mom died September 30, 2016. I guess Dad did come for her.

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