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When is the right time to refer a patient?

While you are not able to predict when a patient will die, as a medical professional you know when hospice care may be the best course for their care. However, broaching the topic of hospice care with patients can be difficult because of many stigmas surrounding hospice. 

We can partner with you to approach conversations with your patients and work with you to ensure expert care. A referral to Cedar Valley Hospice means you continue caring for your patient with extra support from an interdisiplinary team focusing on making the most of each day. 

Eligibility requirements for hospice patients? Palliative care? 

Any patient with an advanced-stage illness with a life expectancy of six months or less and no longer seeking a cure may be eligible for hospice services. Palliative care is available for patients who are diagnosed with an advanced-stage of a life limiting illness who exhibit a physical and/or psychosocial need. 

More detailed information regarding disease specific eligibility can be found on our When to Refer form. You can also refer patients easily online. 

Start by recognizing the following symptoms: 
  • Weight loss or small/decreased appetite
  • Changes/increased assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Increased hospitalizations or visits to the ER
  • Pain that is more difficult to control
  • Increased infections (upper respiratory, urinary tract, etc.)
  • Decline in mental status
  • Increased oxygen utilization
  • Increased weakness, fatigue and/or drowsiness

We hope you consider partnering with us for care. Cedar Valley Hospice is in its 40th year of helping families Make Each Moment Metter. For us, we believe that it is not about dying - but living each day to the fullest until you die. Call 319.272.2007 or 800.626.2360 with any questions.