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Salute to Nurses

Cedar Valley Hospice nurses make a difference, create impactful experience

Compassion and respect are necessary traits for nurses. It takes an expecially thoughtful and empathetic person to be a hospice and palliative care nurse. It's not just about sitting with someone during their final days. It's about providing the best possible care that will allow patients to live their life to the fullest. 

At Cedar Valley Hospice, our nurses will tell you hospice is not just a job but more a "calling."  

"Our patients are not just a number," said Clinical Services Manager Michelle Walden. "Our staff truly care for each and eveny one of our patients." 

There is quite a strong bond between Cedar Valley Hospice nurses and their patients and families. This stems from the trust the nurse earns at the first visit. Over time, administering expert care, lending a listening ear, teaching homecares and providing comfort makes all the difference in establishing a meaningful connection. 

Marier Easter, wife of Jerry who was on our program, said that their Cedar Valley Hospice nurse was key in helping her husband to live on the program for over a year. The support also allowed Jerry to remain positive so he could spend quality time with his family.

"After a while, their staff became our close friends," said Marie. "They educated us and made it so the process wans't overwhelming. I felt like it wasn't a job for them - it was a personal relationship."

A hospice nurse's job is not only caring for the patient, but also their families. 

"We provide education so families know what to expect," said Cedar Valley Hospice Home Nurse Marsy Becker. "I empower the family with knowledge to get through each day with the confidence to know they are doing all they can for their loved one. And if I can make them smile, it makes their day a bit brighter too." 

Caring for families during their end-of-life experience can be challenging, but our nurses agree that it doesn't mean their work is sad or draining. 

"It is incredibly humbling and rewarding to be able to provide a sense of peace and comfort to our patients and their families during the most difficult time in their lives," said Nurse Practitioner Erica Jensen. "I am privileged to be able to work alongside the dedicated and compassionate team we have at Cedar Valley Hospice."