Support for you means support for your family.

When our health becomes less than perfect, the last thing we want to do is burden our families. The longer a health condition worsens, the demand on those we love becomes inevitable.

The number one thing we hear from our patients and families is, “I wish we would have called Cedar Valley Hospice sooner.

Since 1979, our compassionate experts at Cedar Valley Hospice have been caring for those with an advanced illness and their families. Our team helps care for patients wherever they reside – in their own home, care facility, hospital or our own Cedar Valley Hospice Home – with a goal of less pain and fewer visits to the hospital. This means more time can be spent with loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime.

“I’m not ready for hospice…”

People often say, “I’m not ready for hospice.”  Remember, hospice is not only for your final days or weeks – we can provide care for those with a life-limiting illness  and a life expectancy estimated at 6 months or less. Also, our palliative care program helps those who are not eligible for hospice but still need help managing a serious health condition. This allows access to so many services that would not have been possible elsewhere. Plus, loved ones can just be “loved ones” and worry less about their caregiver responsibilities.

Get the BEST OF THE BEST healthcare from Cedar Valley Hospice, the #1 rated Home Health Care organization in 2017 by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier. Call us today for help at 319.272.2002 or 800.617.1972.