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If you or your loved one is struggling with a serious illness, we can help. Hospice care is available for When You Think You Can Do Better, But You Don’t Know How. Our team of experts can help provide relief to both the patient and their families through pain and symptom management, respite care, navigating the healthcare system and more. 


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Learn the Truth About Hospice Care

There are a lot of misconceptions about hospice. At Cedar Valley Hospice, our team provides comprehensive, holistic care for the patient and their family wherever they reside, whether it be in their own home, a caregiver’s home or a nursing facility. Keep reading to learn more about hospice care and the services we provide. 


Enrolling in hospice means you are giving up.


Enrolling in hospice means you are choosing to focus on quality of life. People enrolled in hospice live, on average, 29 days longer than those not enrolled. 


To receive hospice care, I will have to leave my home and go to an inpatient facility. 


Hospice is not a place; it is a concept of care. At Cedar Valley Hospice, 96% of hospice patients receive hospice services wherever they call home


Hospice care is expensive and my family won’t be able to afford it. 


Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurances. At Cedar Valley Hospice, no one is denied services for inability to pay. Additionally, hospice often alleviates a financial burden because related medical needs are paid for through the hospice benefit. 

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All in all, hospice provides guidance and support that help reduce stress and increases quality of life, allowing you to prioritize yourself and your loved ones. Be sure to contact us with questions and learn about more hospice myths by using the buttons below. 

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