Grief Support

Everyone grieves differently and that’s okay. At Cedar Valley Hospice, we recognize this fact and offer a wide range of grief support services free of charge to anyone in our service area no matter the affiliation with Cedar Valley Hospice.

Grief Support Team

Laura Yeats
Laura Yeats

BSW – Grief Team Lead

Lynette Jordan
Lynette Jordan

LBSW – Grief Counselor

Danasha Lobdell
Danejia Lobdell

MSW – Eucalyptus Tree Coordinator

Grief Counseling

Focuses on helping a person grieve the death of a loved one. Everyone’s grief journey is unique, and many have found our individual or support groups help with navigating the feelings of denial, anger, pain and depression. To learn more about our current grief support offerings, click here!

Individual Grief Support:

  • Available by Zoom, virtual meetings, via phone or in person.

Support Groups:

  • Both closed and drop in support groups offered.
  • View support groups here.
young child with koala bear mascot

Youth Grief Support

Eucalyptus Tree

At Cedar Valley Hospice, we understand that the death of a loved one is hard for everyone, especially a young person. Clear, accurate and age-appropriate communication with unconditional support are critical in helping youth through a difficult time.


It’s important to include young people in tough conversations – it promotes trust and resilience. Our grief counselors offer activities designed to be both fun and educational to help children express their feelings.


Katie and Quincy Koala are also available to visit and offer friendship, support and hugs to younger children, ages 3-9, while encouraging communication between children and adults on illness, death and grief.

Eucalyptus Tree Services:
  • Grief and Death Education
  • Katie & Quincy Koala for ages 3-9
  • Grief mentoring for ages 5-17
  • Parent consultation and support
  • Family support sessions
  • Support to area schools
eucalyptus tree logo

TreeTV is special programming created as an extension of Cedar Valley Hospice’s Eucalyptus Tree Youth Grief Program. TreeTV features videos of craft activities, stories and conversations relating to a young person’s grief journey. TreeTV is simply one of the tools Cedar Valley Hospice utilizes to help youth understand their feelings associated with experiencing the death of someone special.

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Seniors Meeting for a Club

Community Education

Talking about death, dying and grief is an important part of Cedar Valley Hospice’s mission. Upon request, our professional staff members are available to visit individuals, groups, organizations and businesses. This ranges from support after a co-worker’s death to education and workshops about grief with our Speakers on Site (S.O.S.) program.

To set up a free session, or for more information on how we can help, please contact us today.

Featured Videos:

Introduction to TreeTV

Memory Lantern Activity:
Recommended for ages 3-9

Support Tree Craft Activity
Recommended for ages 3-9

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings
Recommended for ages 3-8

The Goodbye Book:
Recommended for ages 3-9

Music helps heal the soul:
Recommended for Teens

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