My dad, Darwin Nicklaus, was a very special dad. I am sure every daughter thinks that their dad is the best, but mine truly was. He drove school bus for over 50 years and was a farmer. He cared for his family and friends with a deep appreciation and love. He loved to have a cup of coffee and visit. Each of his daughters,  grandchildren, and great grandchildren knew ,without a doubt,  they were loved. He was very generous with hugs. He was a giving and gracious husband to my mom. Many generations of students, to this day, exclaim that he was their favorite bus driver. He taught us about generosity, “never meeting a stranger”, positivity, and enjoying life in the simplest ways. I miss him daily. I miss him calling and saying “This is Dad. How’s my little girl today?” If you met him ,you would remember. If you didn’t, you missed a very special man that I was blessed to call “My Dad”.

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