Karen Link was one of my best girlfriends.  She was instrumental in me finding my faith and being baptized when I was 50 years old.  Karen first was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 20’s.  She beat it and was cancer free at 30!  Karem was an RN and became a hospice nurse at the Hospice House in Waterloo.   Karen wanted to have children more than anything else.  She went through countless hormone treatments that actually lead to her breast cancer coming back.  I was with Karen when she died in 2012 at the Hospice House.  A bench is dedicated to her at the garden there.

I can’t convey the immense effect this woman had on my life and my faith.  She continued to have a positive attitude when she knew her diagnosis.  She cared more for others than herself.

I love Karen and miss her every day.

Paula Ryan

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