Share a Memory. Make a Lasting Gift.

Tree of Love

Ornaments hold a deep emotional significance,
providing comfort, healing and a way to honor loved ones. They serve
as tangible reminders of cherished memories, bringing joy and keeping
the spirit of a loved one alive during the holiday season and beyond.
Each story and each memory are gifts that are received year after year
as the ornaments make up the Tree of Love.

Tribute Wall


Make a Lasting Gift and Share a Memory

Tree of Love

The Tree of Love Tribute Wall is an opportunity to
share a precious memory of your loved one. Each purchase of an
ornament allows you to submit a tribute dedicated to them. You will be
notified via email when the tribute has been posted. Share your tribute
post of your loved one on social media for friends and family to enjoy.

Tree of Love Dove Ornament

Dove of Peace

Giving Level: $35

Tree of Love Angel Ornament

Glass Snow Angel

Giving Level: $75

Tree of Love Star Ornament

Metal Glitter Star

Giving Level: $150

Tree of Love Heart Ornament

Glass Beaded Heart

Giving Level: $250

Tree of Love Snow Flake Ornament

Lennox Gemmed Snowflake

Sponsored by Tenenbaum’s Jewelry

Giving Level: $500

Tree of Love Bell Ornament

Reed & Barton 2023 Silverplated Holly Bell

Sponsored by Roth Jewelers

Giving Level: $1000+

Tree of Love Tribute Form